Take a look at on the market, the market of media, fashion and commercial. These markets are all different according to the country, the region with different culture, different claims and demands. The main question is: what type of model they look for and if I suit the requirements.
Keep an eye on your market, get information. You can find many useful information in EWs VISUAL Photo Library CDs. SUBSCRIBE

Rules of the business: If

there is a great demand, the product can be sold easily.
First step: Learn more about yourself because you are the product. You can sell only what you know very well. Next step is to consider the right image. The most important: to know what to

do to show your best shape! If you need help- consultation or complex image design -

our specialist are here for you.

If you want to be successfull, youll need a good portfolio, but a fantastic Model Book! Try to have the best portfolio, it has to show that you have several sides, you can be different. The photos of your portfolio need several backgrounds, like different locations and studio as well.  Learn more.

Take your chance to EW is looking for models - who have a DREAM: Id like to

be a MODEL! - for international jobs.
Programs of EW (Model Image, Model Book ) help you to achive your aims.

Here is the opportinity take the first step!

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