Desert and Paradise Sardegna is home of stones wearing all colors of the rainbow, huge granite blocks, wonderful white sand beaches, azure blue sea, thousands of tiny bays and fragrant plants – machia, rosemary, mirtus Only on this island: "Murales" picture: pictures painted on the houses’ walls with actual subject. Learn more...

The most beautiful desert of the world. Namibia You'll experience the unbelievable sunrise in the desert, the light and the sensoual shapes of the dunes. The combination

of red dunes and their black shadows, the blinding white salted clay, the bright green locusts, azure blue sky surpasses our expectations.

Don't miss this chance out!

The island of the contrasts. Mallorca is the island of sunshine, sand, blue sea

and green trees. Mallorca garanties special places for photoshooting and attractive contrasts. White sand beaches, picturesque villages in terrace of cliff, Saltmine, saltlakes, saltmountains, Finca: country property that is guarding the memories of the last centuries. Learn more...

Be a model, a photographer, a designer, you have to visit this place at least once in your life!  We invite you to one of the most exciting business, fashion, entertaining, and shopping city of the world. Our programmes: Fashion & Shopping Tour, Photoworkshop...

Our photoworkshops are challenges for models and potographers as well. If you are a

model and need a fantastic model book, this is the best choice! If you are a photographer and keen on exciting new pictures, dont hesitate, take part in this adventure!
The most exciting and interesting places of the world - Alaska, Antarktis, Caribbean,

Iceland, Mallorca - are perfect natural background for the successfull work.
Unique programmes: photoworkshop in leader fashion cities, shopping centres,

world famous shopping streets (London, Paris, Milan, Los Angeles, Dubai)
Be the background of your model book Bond Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street,

Covent Garden in London.

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EW is looking for the models of the Seas and Sunshine! This is your chance to make a change in your life.  If you would like to be a
swimwear model, apply now! Photoshooting at FIDJI is waiting only for YOU!  Apply now!

This is not a tourism service, we are not a travel agency. We offer photoworkshops for models and photographers. Our aim is to rise the stndard of professionalism, to prepare for the challenges: consultation, guiding and practising. Group work is the secret of success. Learn more!


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