Portfolio shooting is a great step in a beginner modelís life. Portfolio is made for professional models as well, but the aim in this case is to complete the exsisting

one for demand of a certain client or market.  

The model book is a one of the most important parts of model marketing.

If you want good advertising, then you must have the best portfolio.


EW VISUAL does itís best for professional portfolio shooting of a high standard:
1.step: learn more about the model: abilities, personality
2.step: Model Image Programme starts
3.step: test shotings, discussion about portfolio shooting

    (make up, style, hair, location, modelís tasks)
4.step: portfolio shooting (in studio and outside location)
The applied digital technologie offers the possibiliy to check the photos

continuously together with the model during the entire duration of the shooting.

Take your chance to EW is looking for models - who have a DREAM: Iíd like to be

a MODEL! - for international jobs.
Programs of EW (Model Image, Model Book) help you to achive your aims. Here is the opportinity, take the first step! Apply now!

Rules of the business: If there is a great demand, the product can be sold easily.
First step: Learn more about yourself because you are the product. You can sell only what you know very well. Next step is to consider the right image. The most important: to know what to do to show your best shape! Our specialist are here for you.


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